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About the drawing page

Make page settings

Make page print settings

About the drawing page

The drawing page (drawing page: The page in a drawing window that contains a drawing.  Each page has a size, which usually corresponds to a standard paper size, and it has a scale.) is the white page you see on the screen. For many drawing types, your drawing page is set to the same size and orientation as your printer paper. You can resize the drawing page to be as large or as small as you want.


Setting the size of the drawing page

Drawing page settings can differ from printed page settings

Make page settings

  1. Click Page Setup on File menu

  2. Click Page Properties to Page Properties tab, you can:

    • Type the page's name.

    • Click Background to select the background color you want.

    • Click Unit to select the unit of the page.

  3. Click Page Size to Page Size tab, you can:

    • Click Seem to the print paper to make the page size same to print size.

    • Select the Pre-defined size and click to select one of 30 size settings.

    • Select the Custom size and type the width and height value.

    • Select the Page Orientation: Portrait or Landscape

Make page print settings

  1. Click Page Setup on File menu

  2. Click Print Setup, and select the option you want:

    • Click Print paper to select the size and the page orientation you want.

    • Click Zoom to select the print zoom.

    • Check the Grid line to print the grid, check the Guideline to print guide line, check the Connection points to print connection points, otherwise these will not be printed.