CuteDraw 2.0 Help System

Working with Documents

Creating a new document

Saving a document

About auto save

Creating a new document

To create a new CuteDraw document you can do one of the following:

  • Choose New from the File menu.

  • Click the New button on the toolbar.

A blank new document will open in a separate window.

Saving a document

To save an active document, choose Save from the File menu, or click the Save button on the toolbar.

When you first time save the document, you can choose its name and location in the Save As dialog.
If you have saved this document already, the modified document will be saved under its existing name.

To save a modified document under some other name, choose the Save As command under the File menu. Specify the new name and location in the Save As dialog. The active document will get a new name and will be stored in the specified location.

Read also Exporting a Document.

About auto save

CuteDraw will save your documents opened automatically, if something unexpected happened and CuteDraw is shutdown, once you start CuteDraw again, the auto save files will be listed in the File Recover pane docking at the right of the page. You can recover the documents you editing just now.

  1. Click the down arrow beside the file.

  2. You can:

    • Click Open to save the file to the folder you want and open it.

    • Click Delete to delete the temporary file.