Why Choose CuteDraw

There are may other excellent graphic design programs out there, and also many other powerful desktop publishing programs, but at what cost? These programs all come at a price which only professionals who depend on them to make a living can realistically afford. Furthermore, these programs are typically designed with professional users in mind, and can quickly intimidate those without extensive training and experience in their usage, which is often far from intuitive.

This is exactly where CuteDraw Software comes in. Our newest product, CuteDraw 2 is immensely powerful software that doesn't take weeks to learn, and years to master. We provide 2-in-1 graphic design AND publishing software so that users can quickly create impressive graphics, and then conveniently place them directly into their publication projects without having to switch between several different applications!

Because we want beginner users to feel comfortable using our software, major effort has been placed in making the CuteDraw 2 interface as simple and intuitive as possible. We want new users to enjoy the experience of using our software for the first time, rather than being frustrated and intimidated by it. CuteDraw 2 provides users with the powerful functionality of our high-end competitors in desktop graphics and publishing, without the steep learning curve.

CuteDraw 2 is specifically tailored to the needs of non-professionals who nonetheless require powerful desktop graphics and publishing software, at a price that everyone can afford. If you find yourself frustrated by the complexity and expense of other high-end graphics or publishing software, then you owe it to yourself to contact us and speak to a sales rep to find out more about exactly how CuteDraw can provide the perfect solution to your problems.