CuteDraw 2.0 Help System

Program Settings

In CuteDraw, you can configure the program settings to optimize or individuate the working environment.

  1. On Tools menu, click Options, then Options dialog will come up.

  2. In Options dialog, you can:

In General table:

  • Type the value for Undo times.

  • Type the value for the number of Recently used file entries.

  • Type the value for the time interval to auto save current documents in the Save auto recover info box.

  • Click the box in the front of Check for updates at startup to check for updates when CuteDraw starting up or not.

  • Click the box in the front of High quality shape display to display shapes smoothly or not.

  • Click the box in the front of Smooth text display to display text smoothly or not.

In View table:

  • Click Default Unit  to select the documents' measure unit.

  • Click Default page size to select the documents' default page size.

  • Click Rulers, Grid and Connection points to show or hide rulers, grid and connection points.

  • Select the Page color, Background color, Docking windows background color and Full screen background color.