CuteDraw 2.0 Help System

Printing a Document

Print setup

Print preview


Print setup

  1. Click Page Setup on the File menu.

  2. Click Print Setup tab in the Page Setup dialog.

  3. In the Print Setup table you can:

    • Select the print paper, choose one of the predefined print paper settings.

    • Select the print paper's orientation: Portrait or Landscape.

    • Click Zoom to select the print zoom factor.

    • Set the print options: select Grid line to print grid; select Guideline to print guide lines; select Connection Points to print connection points.

  4. Click OK.

Print preview

After all settings are done, you can view the representation of the printed document without printing it.

  1. Choose Print Preview from the File menu.

  2. In preview window, you can:

    • Click Zoom In or Zoom Out to change the size of the preview page.

    • To preview next page, click Next Page, if there are more than one page in the document.

    • To preview previous page, click Prev Page, if there are more than one page in the document.

    • To display two pages in the preview window, click Two Page, and click One Page to back.

    • To print the document, click Print.

    • To close the preview window, click Close.


Once the document and printer are properly configured, you can print it by using one of the following ways:

  • Click Print in the Print Preview window.

  • Click the Print button on the standard toolbar.

  • Choose the Print command from the File menu.

The Print dialog will come up with the default printer selected.
In this dialog you can specify the range of pages to print, the number of copies and some other settings.