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Library Shape


When working with the document window, the main menu bar looks as follows:


New: Creates a new CuteDraw document.

Open: Opens a file.

Close:  Closes the active document.

Save: Saves the document.

Save as: Saves the document under a new name.

Export: Export drawing into other formats, include bmp, jpeg, png, gif, tif, wmf, emf, pdf, html, Native SVG, CuteDraw SlideShow...

Import: Import the common graphic format into CuteDraw, Include, bmp, jpeg, png, gif, tif, wmf, emf and PhotoShop format.

Page Setup: Allows to set the printer page parameters in the Page Setup dialog.

Print: Prints the document.

Print preview: Allows to preview the results before printing.

Send via E-mail: Sends a document by e-mail.

Open Recent: Displays a list of the most recently opened documents. When you choose a document from the list, the program will open it unless it was deleted or renamed.

Exit: Exits CuteDraw.


Undo: Cancels the most recent action.

Redo: Cancels the last Undo operation.

Cut: Cuts selected text or shapes and copies them onto the Clipboard.

Copy: Copies selected shapes or text onto the Clipboard.

Paste: Inserts the contents of the Clipboard into the document.

Delete: Deletes selected shapes.

Delete Page: Delete current active page.

Select All: Selects all shapes in the document.

Link: Open Ole link and edit with the object contain.


Library Window: This menu is used to display, hide and change the appearance of the library window. You can open all shapes in the library window.

Sample Window: The window includes lots of examples.

Style Window: The window includes some pre-defined color scheme, style. You can modify the shapes by modifying the style in use by the window.

Toolbar: Shows/hides toolbar.

Status: Shows/hides status.

Ruler: Shows/hides the rulers.

Grid: Shows/hides the grid.

Connection Point: Shows/hides the connection points of shapes.

Full Screen: Shows the drawing document in full screen.

Zoom: Lets you choose various zoom settings. Sets the specified zoom level for the active document window.


New Page: Add a new page in the current document.

Basic Draw Shape: Insert basic draw shape, such as rectangle, ellipse, line, arc ,curve, curve and freehand.

Text:Activates the Edit Text tool mode which lets you edit the text of the shape, and also create new "Text" shapes.

PictureInserts a picture into the document.

Symbol: Inserts a symbol into the document.

Connect Line: Activates the Smart Connector tool mode and lets you draw smart connectors.

Connection Points: Activates the Direct Connector tool mode and lets you modify the property of connection points.

OLE Object: Inserts ole object.


Text: Calls the Text Properties dialog for formatting text.

Line: Call the Line Properties dialog for formatting line.

Fill & Shadow: Call the fill and shadow properties dialog for formatting shapes.

Geometry:  Set the width, height, aspect, position accurately.

Protection: Lock or unlock the properties of shapes. Include width, height, aspect ratio, x position, y position, rotate, text, edit vetex, from selection and from delete.

Custom Properties: Set the custom properties for the selected shapes.

Align: Align the selected shapes, include Left Align, Horizontal Center Align, Right align, Top Align, Vertical Middle Align and Bottom Align.

Distribute:  Distribute selected shapes. Include 8 distribution method.

Group: Group all the selected shapes to a new  shape; Ungroup the compose shape to single shapes 

Make Same: Make the selected shapes with same width, same height, or same angle.

Order: Adjust the shapes order.

Rotate or Flip: Rotate or flip the selected shapes.

Center Drawing: let all shapes center align relative to page.


Select: Activates the Select tool mode.

Grid & Ruler: Set the grid and ruler.

Snap & Glue: Set the snap types.

Customize: customize the user interface.

Options: Configure the program properties.


New Window: New a document.

Cascade: Arrange windows so they overlap.

Tile: Arrange windows as non-overlapping tiles.

Recently Open files.


Help: Display help content.

Online Tutorial: Review the online video tutorial.

Product Web Site: Visit product web site.

Contact Us: Contact us and send your feedback.

Activate Product:  Convert your copy into the full version.

Check for Update: Online live update.

About EDraw: Display program information, version number and copyright.


This menu appears when you right-click on a Folder in the library window.

New Template: new a template.

Load Template: Load an exist template.

Basic Shapes: Some common templates.

Flowchart: Some flowchart templates.

Business process: Some business templates.

Network: Some network templates.

Symbols: Some common symbols.

Library Shape

This menu appears when you right-click on a shape in the library window.

Cut: Cuts the selected library shape and copies it onto the Clipboard.

Copy: Copies the library shape onto the Clipboard.

Paste: Pastes the shape from the Clipboard into the library.

Delete Shape: Delete current selected shape from the library.

Add Item: Add the shape to the current library.

Modify Item: Modify the selected shape in the library, include name, tooltip, icon and content.

Rename Item: Rename the shape item in the library.

Move Up: Move up the selected shape.

Move Down: Move down the selected shape.