CuteDraw 2.0 Help System

Manage Your Own Libraries

Create your own libraries

Create your own shapes

Editing your own libraries

Create your own libraries

  1. Click Open Library on the library pane.

  2. Click the New Library to create your own library, and edit it.


              Click Library Window on View menu, if the library pane is not opened.

              You can use Load Library command to open your own library. Read also Load library.

Create your own shapes

  1. Use Drawing tools to draw the shape you want or edit the shape from library.

  2. Right click the shape and click Save Element File.

    The cte file and the miniature of the shape will be created.

  3. Add the shape to the library you want.

  4. Read also Add a new shape to library.

Editing your own libraries

  1. Open the your own library you want.

  2. Edit the library and the shapes as you want.

  3. Please read Editing libraries.