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Finding and Adding Shapes

About finding shapes

Find shapes in a library

Open additional libraries

Close a library

About finding shapes

When you start a new drawing from a library in CuteDraw, libraries with shapes designed for that drawing type appear in the Library window next to the drawing page. If you want additional shapes, you can quickly use the Find box to search for them without opening additional libraries.

Find searches the CuteDraw libraries that are installed on your hard drive, as well as new shapes that you've added to custom libraries.

Find shapes in a library

  1. Open the Library window, if it's not already open.

    • On the View menu, click Library Window.

    • Or on the standard toolbar, click .

  2. In the Find box, type one or more words that describe the shape you want. You can separate words with spaces.

    For example, to find shapes that represent arrow, type arrow.


    • Find box lays top of the Library window.

  3. Click Shape search button or press ENTER.

    The results are added to a search results library.

  4. When you find the shape you want, drag it onto the drawing page.

Open additional libraries

  1. Click , the button is beside Find box.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • To open a custom library, if you've add your own library, point to your library, and then click a library.

    • To open a CuteDraw library, point to a category folder, and then click a library.

    • To open a new blank library to which you can add shapes, click New Library.

    • To load a library not exist in CuteDraw category, click Load Library.

Close a library

Right-click the library title bar, and then click Close.

Note  If you made changes to any of the shapes on a custom library or added shapes to a custom library, you are prompted to save your changes.