Customize CuteDraw to Meet Your Needs

It's rare to find two organizations—let alone two people—that use CuteDraw in the exact same way. Which is why CuteDraw empowers you with the tools you need to fully customize your solution.

Because not only does most everyone in your organization need to create graphics to communicate clearly and effectively—they're used in presentations, flowcharting, report, whitepapers, company handbooks, and more—but they usually need to do it with their own tools, their own symbols, building their own messages. For example:

  • Accounting departments need to create flowcharts to illustrate financial systems.
  • Electrical Engineers need to draw circuit and logic diagrams.
  • Facilities Managers contemplating changes or additions to leased space need to create space plans and facilities diagrams.
  • HR departments need to create organizational charts, to show who works for whom and where, and forms to collect employee information.
  • IT needs to create network diagrams and space plans to make sure that, before they begin going to work, they know where they're going.
  • Marketing and Sales departments need to create presentation graphics, charts, territory maps, and diagrams to better convince prospects and better explain strategies.
  • Mechanical Engineers need to draw schematics and prototype drawings.
  • Project Managers need to make calendars, Gantt charts, and timelines to track every step of every process and project.
  • Quality Managers implementing ISO, TQM or other quality programs need to generate flowcharts and other process diagrams.
  • Software Engineers need to create ERD, UML and other diagrams.
  • Web Designers need to draw site maps and hierarchy diagrams.

Almost everyone occasionally needs to add a chart or diagram to a document to help others "get the picture."

Customize CuteDraw for Your Business

Even though CuteDraw is the versatile drawing program in the world, with more than 1000 symbols and templates for all kinds of diagrams, your business may need to create specialized drawings using your own symbols and graphics. CuteDraw makes it easy by allowing you to quickly customize your solution to fit your unique business needs.

Create Your Own Symbols
If you can't find the symbol you need among the 1000 that CuteDraw offers, simply draw your own, and use them over and over again. CuteDraw's intuitive drawing tools make it easy to create any kind of graphic, image, or symbol you may need. Once you've created it, simply drag and drop it into any open symbol library, and you never need to draw it again. It's that easy. See how to create a new shapes.

Edit Existing Symbols
You can also edit any of the 1,000 symbols that come with CuteDraw. Simply select the symbol and choose Edit Symbol from the Libraries menu. You can change its shape, size, color, text properties, connection points, and how it will behave when it is stretched or scaled. See how to edit a shape.

Import Symbols from Other Software
Maybe you have other software containing useful symbols, or files full of clip art or images that you'd like to use in CuteDraw. No problem. You can even use CuteDraw's Library Builder Wizard to convert thousands of graphic files into organized CuteDraw libraries in just minutes! CuteDraw lets you import symbols in virtually any popular graphics format including Windows Metafiles, BMP, JPG, GIF, TIF and more. See how to manage shape library.

Create Your Own Library
Any CuteDraw drawing can be saved as a library—a ready-made starting point that you or anyone else in your organization can use to make standardized drawings. You can define all the properties of your library, from the behavior of text to the colors of objects. You are in complete control of your solution!



Ask Us to Add New Shapes
We are happy to help you add some new shapes if you have a very good design idea. Please email the shapes and description to us. We will add the shapes for you if they are helpful indeed.