Activate Your CuteDraw Trial Product

Use this page to learn how to activate your CuteDraw trial product. Follow these steps to convert your CuteDraw trial product to perpetual use with no uninstall or reinstall necessary.

Note: You must have Internet access to activate the trial software.

How to Activate the Trial
The process to activate your trial software begins when you get a Product Key. Follow these steps to activate the trial.

1. Obtain the CuteDraw product at any retailer or online retailer to get a valid Product Key. You can also order online and get the Product Key immediately from us.

You have two options to start the conversion process.

• In any of the trial expiration reminder messages sent to you in the last 30 days of the trial period, click Convert.

• In the Help menu of the trial product you are using, click Activate Product. You can do this at any time during the trial period, or even after the trial has expired.

2. In the Popup dialog box, fill in your "Product Key", then click the "Activate" button.

Note: If you choose to obtain the product online, you will be routed to the CuteDraw Web site and the RegNow eCommerce vendor to obtain a product key. You will then be returned to Activate Dialog.

3. Wait less than half an minute. You can receipt the follow message.

Congratulations! You have converted it to full version. If you have any trouble, please contact us. We will respond you within one business day.


  • Please feel free to download and evaluate our free trial version to get a better understanding of our products. Include lots of examples and templates.